InSpectrum Technologies Referral Program


Refer a Customer to InSpectrum Technologies – Receive a $25 American Express Thank You Gift Card*

Current Customers Who Send a Referral – Receive the $25 American Express Card PLUS a 25% Discount*


*Terms & Conditions: In order to receive the $25 American Express gift card, the business you are referring to InSpectrum Technologies must agree to complete a questionnaire or written specifications that detail their technology needs. The potential customer must also agree to review an InSpectrum Technologies quote or proposal with a follow up meeting to discuss the contents. However, there is no obligation for the potential customer to accept the InSpectrum Technologies quote or proposal. The ‘Current Customer’ referral discount – for 25% off your next invoice – will only be redeemable if the potential customer agrees to use InSpectrum Technologies services and signs a proposal or agreement for a service contract. Limited to business customers only.

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